You previously sought a bird or birds and have now discovered an ideal companion. We operate the shipping procedure in this manner. Once the purchase of your bird, including any necessary shipping fees, has been confirmed, we will arrange for a pet transportation service to handle the remaining arrangements. We determine the optimal flight or flights by considering the total travel time as well as any layovers. Furthermore, all parrots that board an airline are provided with a climate-controlled area as part of the "Pet First" travel program.

As a result, the service collects and transports the bird or birds to the airline. Prior to departure, the customer is provided with the airline information, flight numbers, air waybill numbers, and flight arrival times. It is advisable to appear at the airport in advance of the scheduled arrival time of your flight. in order to prevent your parakeet from having to wait at the airport for an extended period of time. Customers will be contacted via phone on the day of shipment to provide confirmation. A return phone call or email informing rainbow parrots of the safe arrival of the bird or birds would be appreciated.

Specialized facilities are utilized to convey the birds at identical pressure and temperature conditions as the passenger cabin. Our year-round shipping schedule is subject to restrictions imposed by severe weather conditions, airline or receiving airport requirements, or situations where shipping the bird would be hazardous. While we generally prefer that all households pick up their avian in person, we do offer person-to-person delivery via major airlines for those who are unable to travel in order to do so. In the absence of complimentary shipping, airfreight fees range from $80 to $200 nationwide, depending on the airline. Beyond this distance lies another determining element. The declared value of the poultry and the dimensional weight of the shipping crate determine this.


We guarantee that our birds are in perfect health and free from any indications of disease or parasites at the moment of sale. This indicates that congenital defects, viral infections, pathogenic bacterial infections, and fungal infections are absent in our avian companions.Breeder Health Assuredness: Every bird is accompanied by a limited 72-hour health guarantee. If not, we will provide a full refund of the purchase price or substitute the bird if it is determined to be unhealthy at the time of sale. Conditions and circumstances beyond our control result in the birds' departure from our residence; therefore, we cannot guarantee their return after this 72-hour period has passed. Should your avian veterinarian conduct a health examination within the designated time frame (72 hours) and identify a condition that is either economically untreatable or incurs an irreparable cost, we shall either exchange the bird for one of comparable quality or value, or reimburse your money. In exchange, please return the avian to me accompanied by a letter from the veterinarian detailing the specific symptoms of the illness.

This letter must be written on the official letterpad bearing the veterinarian's rubber stamp insignia. A replacement will be provided for the avian, or the entire purchase price will be refunded.Should the bird perish within 72 hours of purchase, its corpse must be promptly chilled (not frozen) in a sealed plastic bag. Additionally, within 12 hours, the bird must be transported to a certified avian veterinarian for necropsy in order to ascertain the cause of death. In the event that mortality is attributed to a congenital hatch defect or viral illness, the purchaser will be refunded the entire purchase price or exchange the bird for a replacement.

Additionally, this letter must be printed on the official letter pad of the veterinarian and sealed with an adhesive stamp. We require the death bird photographs and videos, including the identification band, prior to issuing a refund.It is understood that the Seller is not liable for any veterinary medical expenses, including necropsy fees, or for refunding any shipping costs incurred when the avian was initially delivered to you. Buyer also acknowledges that the Health Guarantee is void if the leg band is removed from the bird. The veterinarian is required to include the band number and the reason for band removal when describing the cause of mortality or illness.