What Kind of Toys Are Suitable for African Grey Parrots?

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The African Grey Parrot enjoys discovering new things and has a natural impulse to shred them. Continue reading to learn more about African Grey Parrot toys. African grey parrot for sale near me

Shredding box for African Grey Parrots

African grey parrot for sale near me

As with anything, safety comes first. Toys should be made of materials that are safe for birds. Avoid products with microscopic cracks that could trap a little toe. When giving out rope toys, make sure the toy does not get wrapped around the bird’s neck or leg. Resist the impulse to provide toys that are indestructible.
Perch of an African Grey

The ideal toys for your African Grey Parrot for sale near me can vary based on its age. A baby bird may be learning how to explore and may lack the confidence to venture out on their own. You will need to teach these baby birds to explore by teaching them toys and how to play with them.
Baby African Grey Parrots

If your parrot companion initially shows little interest in toys, the easiest method to arouse their interest is to play with the toy in front of them. If possible, enlist the assistance of another person. Show the toy to the parrot, then remove it and give it to the other person. Allow the parrot to observe how much fun they are having with the item. If it’s a shreddable toy, shred it a little. Make some noise if it’s a noisy toy, but be careful not to scare a wary fledgling bird. Show the toy to the parrot once more. Continue doing this until the parrot becomes interested in the toy. They will lean toward it when it is provided, give it to them briefly, and then take it away. Continue doing so until the parrot is using the toy as intended.
African grey parrot for sale near me

Sola balls are iconic foot shredding toys.

Another option for introducing new toys is to lay out a few toys on the floor and let the parrot examine them with you in this area. Parrots are similar to humans. They live reasonably lengthy lives and are born with no idea how to be a bird. They learn good conduct from their flock, which is you in this scenario. So demonstrate the desired behavior, reward the good, and minimize any negative conduct, and kids will learn which behaviors result in happy consequences.
The African Grey perched on the owner’s hand.

Remember that an African Grey Parrot for sale near menever has to question what to do next in the wild. Every moment of their life is spent searching for food, water, avoiding predators, sleeping, and reproducing African Grey Parrots! Living in a cage, no matter how lavish, may eventually bore your companion bird! Don’t stuff your parrot’s cage with every toy he or she owns. Instead, rotate among the toys, leaving a handful in the cage at a time and replacing them out on a regular basis. This manner, your bird will never become overly attached to one or two things.