The African Grey Parrot

African grey parrots for sale

The African Grey Parrot (Psittacus Erithacus) is a medium-sized, hook-billed parrot with a distinct inquisitive nature and beautiful grey feather colors. African Grey for sale have off-white feathers around their eyes and above their cere, with scalloped grey feathers on their bodies. The tail feathers are a vivid scarlet color that contrasts nicely with the grey body.

A stunning bright red tail feather of an African Grey.

There are two kinds of African Grey Parrots: the one stated above and the Timneh Grey. Instead of the preceding bright red, the Timneh Grey (Psittacus E. Timneh) has darker characteristics, a pinkish-red upper mandible, and maroon-colored under-tail and upper-tail coverts. African Greys can reach 14 inches in length, making them a typical medium-sized bird breed.

Timneh Grey enjoys a carrot.

The Timneh Grey is a darker species with a pinkish-red upper mandible and maroon tail coverts.

These magnificent creatures are not suitable for inexperienced bird caretakers. To properly care for these parrots, a large investment in both time and money is required. African Grey Parrots, for starters, require a large, spacious cage in which they can easily walk around. A decent cage size is 150 x 150 x 160 cm (59 x 59 x 63 inches). Circular cages should be avoided since they put the bird under undue stress. Grey cage bars should be no more than (3/4) inch apart to prevent the bird from getting its head caught between the bars. When buying a new cage, the bar spacing should be clearly promoted and visible, as this is an important aspect of any aviary. When choosing a Grey cage, consult with the cage manufacturer to see what they recommend. A professional retailer would know which cages have adequate bar spacing and which are excellent for African Greys. African Greys enjoy playing with toys, especially those that are sparkly, noisy, dangling, and interactive! It’s also important to note that African Greys will breed in captivity. If you own a pair of Greys, it is highly recommended that you do some research on the matter to avoid any surprise Greys from hatching! African grey for sale

Playing African Grey Babies

African Grey babies are adorable! African grey for sale

African Greys make wonderful companion animals, forming lasting ties and a genuine loving connection. With that stated, these flock mates necessitate daily connection and hours of time. African Greys are easily stressed, and if left alone for an extended period of time, they may begin to exhibit destructive activities. In terms of lasting connections, African Grey for sale can survive in captivity for up to 40 to 60 years! Any owner of this parrot will most likely have them for the majority, if not the entirety, of their life. Throughout this time, these parrots require the same level of regular affection and attention. If this appears to be a difficult or impossible chore for an individual, this bird is unlikely to make a decent companion. Knowing this knowledge aids in the placement of these beautiful animals in suitable homes where they can live a long, happy, stimulating, loving, stable, and safe existence.


There are numerous excellent African Grey food blends available, with all birds requiring a high-quality commercial seed mix that does not contain too many sunflower seeds. Many human foods are enjoyed by African Grey for sale, including boiling corn, peanuts, lean meats, cooked vegetables, yogurt, and even tiny amounts of cheese when fed carefully. All Greys require a calcium supply, which is normally provided via cuttlebone, oyster grit, or an equivalent, as well as fresh clean water.

Fruits & VegetablesAssorted FoodsEssential Nutrition
HempLean MeatOyster Grit or equivalent bird Grit
Soaked & Sprouted SeedsPastaCuttlebone or other quality Calcium Source
Corn on the CobCooked RiceFresh Drinking Water
Boiled CornYogurt
Spouted Mung BeansCheese in Moderation
Pine NutsWhole-wheat Bread soaked in Water – during the breeding season
Peanuts SparinglyDiced, Cooked Egg
Millet Spray – Should always be available
Cooked Carrots
Grated Carrots